Top 10 Best Lipsticks Based on Skin tone

Top 10 Best Lipsticks Based on Skin tone

For the best makeup outcome one must always wear the lipstick shade that perfectly complements your skin tone. It is a myth that you can wear any shade if you are light complexioned and should be very choosy if you have a darker skin tone. Anyone can wear any color, provided you know which shade of the color suits your skin the best. Lipstick is not just a make-up product but a huge mood booster too. If you are feeling daring and adventurous go and wear a bold shade, if you are feeling down and subdued you may wear pastels or nudes instead. Choose the right shade and get ready to wear almost any shade. Below are listed the right shades of lipsticks to wear as per your skin tone that would be quite handy while you go lipstick shopping next time.

  • Red: Crimson red and fiery red go beautifully on fair skin and blonde hair. Have you tried out the Glam Collection of M.A.C? It’s got the dreamiest reds for all skin tones. Check out its latest offers at SaveMyPocket. However if your skin is on the warmer side go for the shades like rust, pinkish red rather than bright red. Also prefer matt shades to gloss as they would blend better with your complexion.
  • Pink: No woman can stay far from pink, no matter what her complexion. You may choose Estee Lauder’s bright pink for a fair complexion and runway look or opt for softer pinks from Maybelline for warmer skin tones.
  • Nudes: Nudes look perfect for the no make-up look but you must apply the makeup carefully to avoid looking washed out. Nudes look lovely on all skin tones; you just need a shade darker for warmer skin tone. My personal favorites are the nudes from Lakme.
  • Purple: Try out Lakme’s range of purple as it is not gaudy and blends beautifully with your skin tone. For fairer skin even a shade darker would do but for warmer skin tones you must choose a shade that is not glossy and not too light. Nykaa coupons can be handy while buying these. It must make your skin glow and not make you look dull.
  • Chocolate: Another all time favorite color of mine and I love Chambor’s transfer resistant range of liquid lip sticks. Not only does it stay in place for long hours it also nourishes the lips.
  • Pastels: Pastels by Clinique are a beauty and look lovely on peaches and cream complexion. They enhance the glow on the face and make you appear radiant.
  • Orange: This is a naught shade which is generally preferred by younger girls. L’Oreal has wonderful shades of orange which are suitable for all age groups. From the bright ones for younger girls and toned down orange shade for older women. The newly launched Runway range has a wonderful shade in rust that would go on all skin tones.
  • Maroon: My favorite in Maroon is from the Glam collection of MAC. It is in full matt and looks very hot and sexy. This color again is suitable for all skin tones.
  • Burgundy: Lakme has some wonderful shades of Burgundy which is a color that all age groups and skin tones can wear.
  • Lip gloss: If you just want to add a dash of color on your face you can opt for colored lip gloss too. If you have a light skin tone you can choose pinks and peaches and for the warmer skin tones maroons and burgundy would be good.

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