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Acne types and treatments

Acne types and treatments

Sensitive skin

            Acne is a skin condition that affects a lot of people of the world, and it is not a new phenomenon. However, due to the fast paced lives of today, and the types of greasy fast foods, we are only taking toxins into our bodies and by doing that we are making sure that it will be shown on our skin.

The general unhealthy lifestyle will influence how our skin reacts to those changes, especially if we have sensitive skin, it will be very hard to get rid of acne. But, with a few simple lifestyle changes, and by using skincare products it is possible to reduce acne to a minimal.


            Blackheads are fairly common, and usually they appear on the nose and around it. They are formed because the follicles in your skin are blocked by dead skin or bacteria or other harmful substances. And it is to get rid of them, simply scrub them clean and keep your face clean. Washing twice daily is important to keep impurities out of your skin. Be careful with the soap you use, as it may dry out the skin which will help blackheads develop even faster.


            These are clogged oil glands which cannot get rid of excess oil, which is trapped between the clog and skin layers. They can be painful, but they are easy to get rid of either by cleaning them yourself, or by visiting a professional. It is important to keep your skin clean and moisturized so that no impurities inflame the pores and glands.


            For some these are a daily struggle, as they pop up very frequently. Keeping your pores clean and taking proper care of your skin is important, furthermore, it is also important to keep stress to a minimal as it will also affect papule appearance.

The key is keeping a clean face, which means that you have to wash your face twice daily, but do not overdo it, as too much scrubbing and too strong soaps can damage your skin and exposing it to bacteria and dirt even more.

Cystic acne

            This is perhaps the most painful and the worst anyone could get. Although they are huge, and appear as lumps of acne, there are cure for it. Even for the scars they can leave behind. However, for best results it is better to visit companies that do treatment for acne in Sydney to have professionals take care of your problematic skin.

For cystic acne, there is no other blame than your family tree; genes are the main reason why people get these horrible acnes. The glands which produce oil are to blame actually; they are going into overdrive and produce too much oil for your skin to handle. The best course of action is to have a dermatologist prescribe a treatment as there is little you can do in order to prevent cystic acne development.

Damage control

            In order to minimize acne forming on your skin, it is best to watch your diet and be careful of skincare products you use. Moreover, due to stress, it is imperative that you find some time to not just relax your mind, but also to relax your body and skin. Moreover, professional skincare personnel will help you get your skin’s glow back without doing any permanent damage.

Remember that picking and scratching acne may lead to permanent scarring, instead, always have a dermatologist take a look, as they will know exactly what treatment to prescribe.