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Proactiv plus reviews: Investigating the claims

Proactiv plus reviews: Investigating the claims

A dermatologist developed skin care product, Proactiv plus targets acne in people of all ages. This product has been created by dermatologists from Stamford University. Proactive launched in 1995 has turned into a strong successful brand that remains popular to this day. Users have widely acknowledged its benefits.

What Proactiv claims to do? Claims investigated with new Proactiv plus reviews

The product claims that it has a newly formulated product. This product is capable of addressing acne problem effectively. It is said that it will heal acne faster. Furthermore, the healing will take place without the skin having to bear as many side effects as it has to with other products. This seems to be a very valid claim as far as Proactiv is concerned. It has been observed that people who use this product to get rid of the acne face fewer side effects.

The deep cleanings wash is said to do wonders. This claim is based on the product contain salicylic acid. Though the deep cleaning wash does contain salicylic acid as it claims, yet users end up rinsing the face and washing down the element down the drain before it even gets a chance to work. This means that the element is rendered useless to a large extent. Adding further problems is the fact that this wash comes out to be three time more expensive than its similar products. This means that you pay a heavy price for a wash that will not work at all.

The product is said to contain 6 % benzoyl peroxide. On this basis, the product is said to be effective to kill bacteria on making contact. Though this claim may be true, yet this solution would be strong enough to cause several side effects. These include burning, stinging, redness, itching and flaking skin. Furthermore, it will cause the skin to dry out. All of this means that the skin will continue to form new blemishes. Hence, one problem may be solved, but another will arise.

Another major claim is that the Proactive product contains 6 percent sulfur. Now this would be strong enough to kill the bacteria. However, apart from killing the bacteria, this ingredient will also be strong enough to cause irritation to the skin.

The repairing treatment is claimed to be strong enough to be effective. Now though this may be true, yet on the whole, it is much more expensive than the other forms of treatment. So people should opt for what suits them best.

The body pads are said to consist of ingredients that are capable of opening pores. It is also said to contain the other ingredients that close down the pores.

Though the Proactiv products reviews are indeed mixed with the right ingredients, yet they also contain other ingredients that may undo the advantages that this product offers. .

Strengths based on Proactiv plus reviews

It is every effective and has skin-lightening options. It controls excess oil.

Weaknesses based on Proactiv reviews

Irritating substances present in the product which will not be helping the skin prone to acne. They may also be substandard that makes a poor option.


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