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How vegetable could make you glow like a star

How vegetable could make you glow like a star

Women are who more conscious about the skin and being in search for the product which raise the glow of skin. The involvement of vegetable in maintaining the glow of women skin is incredible at the same time amazing too. Each time women use chemical beauty product the more they kills their own skin by unknowingly. Let stop all these daily routine of using chemicals on your skin and let focus on vegetables.

Which kitchen does not have tomato always?

Tomato is more enough to make your face glow like a star. Take a small tomato and squeeze the juice form it. Simply apply on your skin.  Doing this always for a 15 minute make you skin to glow more and more. Tomato considered as an anti-aging product.

Onion will help to get rid from the skin pigment, dark spots, freckles and blemishes. Eating the onion has got a lot of health benefit at the same time simply rubbing a piece of onion on skin will help to solve the entire above problem and glow the skin.  Take the juice of the onion and mix with lemon, directly apply it on your skin which will help remove the dark spot on your skin.

Women’s are much worried about the dark spot in face and dark circle around the eyes.  If a potato is there in your kitchen then problem solved. Take a slice of potato and simply rub on the face. This can help to get rid from the dark spot as well the dark circle around the eyes.  Potato is also a product for those who have oily skin.

Possibility of hear about the carrot mask is leases among the women’s. The beautiful carrot also makes you glow. Since the carrot is enriched with vitamin C having it has got much health benefit. Eating carrot also will raise your beauty. All beauticians recommend including a carrot in daily diet.  Blend a carrot after boiling it and mix olive oil (one spoon), honey (one spoon), lemon juice (one spoon) and apply the mixture for 20 minute on face. Rub it with cold water and see how your skin glows.



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